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Mahmood Mamdani

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On the Web: Articles

Mahmood Mamdani on Fallujah. Alternatives (11/25/04).

Inventing Political Violence. Global Agenda (2005).

On the Web: Specialized Sites

In the Library: Articles

Mamdani, Mahmood. "Karamoja: colonial roots of famine in N.E. Uganda," Review of African Political Economy 9,25 (win 82):66-73, with critique by Beverly Gartrell & rejoinder by Mamdani in 13,36 (sum 86):85-92.

__________. "Whither political Islam?" Foreign Affairs (1-2/05).

In the Library: Non-Fiction Books

Leys, Colin & Mahmood Mamdani. Crises & Reconstruction, African Perspectives: Two Lectures (Uppsala: Nordiska Afrikainstitutet, 1997).

Mamdani, Mahmood. The Myth of Population Control: Family, Caste & Class in an Indian Village (NY: Monthly Review, 1973).

__________. From Citizen to Refugee: Uganda Asians Come to Britain (London: Frances Pinter, 1973).

__________. Politics & Class Formation in Uganda (NY: Monthly Review, 1976).

__________. Imperialism & Fascism in Uganda (London: Heinemann, 1983).

__________. The Nationality Question in a Neo-Colony: An Historical Perspective (Trenton NJ: Africa Research & Publications Project, 198?).

__________; T. Mkandawire & E. Wamba-dia-Wamba. Social Movements, Social Transformation & the Struggle for Democracy in Africa (Dakar: CODESRIA, 1988).

__________. Contradictions of the IMF Programme & Perspective in Uganda (Kampala: Centre for Basic Research, 1989).

__________ & Mamadou Diouf (eds.) Academic Freedom in Africa (Dakar: CODESRIA, 1994).

__________ & Ernest Wamba-dia-Wamba (eds.) African Studies in Social Movements & Democracy (Dakar: CODESRIA, 1995).

__________ & Joe Oloka-Onyango (eds.) Uganda: Studies in Living Conditions, Popular Movements, & Constitutionalism (Vienna: Journal für Enwicklungspolitik, 1996).

__________. Citizen & Subject: Contemporary Africa & the Legacy of Late Colonialism (Princeton NJ: Princeton, 1996).

__________ (ed.) Uganda: Studies in Labour (Dakar: CODESRIA, 1996).

__________ (ed.) Beyond Rights Talk & Culture Talk: Comparative Essays on the Politics of Rights & Culture (NY: St. Martin's, 2000).

__________. Understanding the Crisis in Kivu: Report of the CODESRIA Mission to the Democratic Republic of Congo, September 1997 (Dakar: Council for the Development of Social Science Research in Africa, 2001).

__________. When Victims Became Killers: Colonialism, Nativism, & the Genocide in Rwanda (Princeton NJ: Princeton, 2001).

__________. Keywords: Identity (NY: Other, 2004).

__________. Good Muslim, Bad Muslim: America, the Cold War, & the Roots of Terror (NY: Pantheon, 2004).

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"Winds of Change: The End of Colonialism in Africa" [2002], dir. Peter du Cane, 57m. From Films for the Humanities & Sciences.

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