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Colman McCarthy

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Bio & Photo.

On the Web: Articles

Faith-Based Intolerance: Gen. Boykin's Talk of God the Bigger Reflects Bush's Own Thinking. Colman McCarthy, National Catholic Reporter (11/14/03).

War's weapons of mass deception. Colman McCarthy, National Catholic Reporter, (4/4/03).

Educating Peacemakers (College Peace Studies Lacking). Colman McCarthy, National Catholic Reporter (9/29/00).

Interview with McCarthy. Satya Magazine, (9/97).

On the Web: Specialized Sites

Colman McCarthy's Class of Nonviolence. San Antonio Peace Center.

Lifetime Reading List of Colman McCarthy.

In the Library: Articles

McCarthy, Colman. “Jesuits and the military,” Other Side (3-4/90):55.

__________. “Ordinary people, extraordinary violence,” Other Side (5-6/90):63

__________. “The great Pentagonian land grab,” Other Side (7-8/90):55.

__________. “Just guts?,” Other Side (9-10/90):63.

__________. “Praying or braying?,” Other Side (5-6/91):63.

__________. “Born to buck systems,” Other Side (11-12/90):63.

__________. “Considering the alternatives,” Other Side (1-2/91):63.

__________. “Seeking peace in the schoolyard,” Other Side (3-4/91):63.

__________. “The heroes who didn’t go,” Other Side (7-8/91):63.

__________. “A vigil for life,” Other Side (9-10/91):63.

__________. “Giving peace lessons a chance,” Other Side (1-2/92):60-61.

__________. “Building confidence at Prairie Creek,” Other Side (5-6/92):63.

__________. “Justice for migrant workers,” Other Side (11-12/92):63.

__________. “Peace education: the time is now,” Other Side (5-6/93):53.

__________. “Equality for warriors?,” Other Side (7-8/93):63.

__________. “Bedroom theology,” Other Side (1-2/94):63.

__________. "Cons teach cons peace," Progressive (7/97).

__________. "God on our side," Progressive (11/01):34-5.

__________. “Pacifism remains a worthy alternative,” National Catholic Reporter (11/16/01):19.

__________. "Remembering a man of conviction," National Catholic Reporter (11/8/02):24.

__________. "Arnold's story one of conversion," National Catholic Reporter (9/5/03). Excessively hopeful evaluation of Arnold Schwartzenegger, then candidate for Governor of California.

__________. "The Dalai Lama is no Gandhi," National Catholic Reporter (10/10/03). Harsh critique of revered Tibetan Buddhist leader & his message.

In the Library: Non-Fiction Books

McCarthy, Colman. Disturbers of the Peace: Profiles in Nonadjustment (Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 1973).

__________. Inner Companions (Washington: Acropolis, 1975).

__________. The Pleasures of the Game: The Theory Free Guide to Golf (NY: Dial, 1977).

__________. Involvements: One Journalist's Place in the World (Washington: Acropolis, 1984).

__________. All of One Peace: Essays on Nonviolence (New Brunswick NJ: Rutgers, 1994).

__________. I’d Rather Teach Peace (Maryknoll, NY: Orbis, 2003)

In the Library: Poetry

In the Library: Photography

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