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A.J. Muste

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Christian Socialist, pacifist & radical activist (1885-1967), who helped found Congress for Progressive Labor Action & Fellowship of Reconciliation.

Biographical Sketch.

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On A.J. Muste. Paul Goodman, NY Review of Books (11/28/1963).

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A.J. Muste Memorial Institute.

Protests of A.J. Muste.

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Muste, Abraham John. Fellowship & Class Struggle (NY: Fellowship, 1930).

__________. The A.F.of L. in 1931 (NY: Progressive Labor Action, 1931).

__________. The Automobile Industry & Organized Labor (Baltimore: Christian Social Justice Fund, 1936).

__________. Non-Violence in an Aggressive World (NY: Harper, 1940).

__________. Gandhi & the H-Bomb: How Nonviolence Can Take the Place of War (NY: Fellowship, 1950).

__________. How to Deal with a Dictator (NY: Fellowship, 1954).

__________. The Essays of A.J. Muste (ed. Nat Hentoff; Indianapolis: Bobbs-Merrill, 1967).

__________. Not By Might. Christianity: The Way to Human Decency. & Of Holy Disobedience (NY: Garland, 1971).

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