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Scott Nearing & Helen Nearing

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Field, Jessie & Scott Nearing. Community Civics (NY: Macmillan, 1917).

Holmes, John Haynes & Scott Nearing. Can the Church Be Radical? (NY: Hanford, 1922).

Labor Research Group. The Law of Social Revolution: A Cooperative Study (Scott Nearing, leader) (NY: Social Science, 1926.

Nearing, Helen & Scott Nearing. The Maple Sugar Book (NY: John Day, 1950).

__________ & Scott Nearing. USA Today (Harborside ME: Social Science Institute, 1955).

__________ & Scott Nearing. The Brave New World (Harborside ME: Social Science Institute, 1958).

__________ & Scott Nearing. Socialists Around the World (NY: Monthly Review, 1958).

__________ & Scott Nearing. Living the Good Life: How to Live Sanely & Simply in a Troubled World [1954] (NY: Schocken, 1970).

__________ & Scott Nearing. The Good Life Album of Helen & Scott Nearing (NY: Sunrise/E.P. Dutton, 1974).

__________ & Scott Nearing. Building & Using Our Sun-Heated Greenhouse: Grow Vegetables All Year Round (Charlotte VT: Garden Way, 1977).

__________. Continuing the Good Life: Half a Century of Homesteading (NY: Schocken, 1979).

__________ (comp.) Wise Words on the Good Life: An Anthology of Quotations (NY: Schocken, 1980).

__________. Simple Food for the Good Life: An Alternative Cookbook (NY: Delacorte, 1980).

__________. Loving & Leaving the Good Life (Post Mills VT: Chelsea Green, 1992).

__________ (comp.) Light on Aging and Dying (Gardiner ME: Tilbury, 1995).

Nearing, Scott. The Making of a Radical: A Political Autobiography (NY: Harper & Row, 1972).

Saltmarsh, John A. Scott Nearing: An Intellectual Biography (Philadelphia: Temple, 1991).

Sherman, Steve (ed.) A Scott Nearing Reader: Good Life in Bad Times (Metuchen NJ: Scarecrow, 1989).

Whitfield, Stephen J. Scott Nearing: Apostle of American Radicalism (NY: Columbia, 1974).

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"Helen Nearing: Conscious Living/Conscious Dying" [2000], by Polly Bennell & Andrea Sarris. From Bullfrog Films.

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