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(see also Buddhism in the West)

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In the Library: Articles

Bures, Frank. “Zen & the art of law enforcement,” Christian Science Monitor (9/25/03):15.

Cuff, Denis. Decline in hunting a concern for officials," Christian Science Monitor (11/1/03):9B

In the Library: Non-Fiction Books

Berrigan, Daniel & Thich Nhat Hanh. The Raft is Not the Shore: Conversations Toward a Buddhist/Christian Awareness (Boston: Beacon, 1975).

Ellsberg, Robert (ed.) Thich Nhat Hanh: Essential Writings (Maryknoll NY: Orbis, 2001).

Hanh, Thich Nhat. Vietnam: Lotus in the Sea of Fire (NY: Hill & Wang, 1967).

__________. Peace (Santa Barbara CA: Unicorn, 1970).

__________. Zen Keys (NY: Anchor, 1974).

__________. The Miracle of Mindfulness: A Manual of Mediation [1977] (rev. ed.; Boston: Beacon, 1987).

__________. A Rose for Your Pocket (Berkeley: Parallax, 1987).

__________. The Heart of Understanding: Commentaries on the Prajnaparamita Heart Sutra (Berkeley: Parallax, 1988).

__________. The Sun in My Heart: From Mindfulness to Insight Contemplation (Berkeley: Parallax, 1988).

__________. The Moon Bamboo (Berkeley: Parallax, 1989).

__________. Our Appointment with Life: The Buddha's Teaching on Living in the Present (Berkeley: Parallax, 1990).

__________. Transformation & Healing: The Sutra on the Four Establishments of Mindfulness (Berkeley: Parallax, 1990).

__________. Old Path, White Clouds: Walking in the Footsteps of the Buddha (Berkeley: Parallax, 1991).

__________. Peace is Every Step: The Path of Mindfulness in Everyday Life (NY: Bantam, 1992).

__________. The Diamond that Cuts Through Illusion: Commentaries on the Prajnaparamita Diamond Sutra (Berkeley: Parallax, 1992).

__________. Touching Peace: Practicing the Art of Mindful Living (Berkeley: Parallax, 1992).

__________. The Blooming of a Lotus: Guided Meditation Exercises for Healing & Transformation (Boston: Beacon, 1993).

__________. Hermitage Among the Clouds (Berkeley: Parallax, 1993).

__________. Love in Action: Writings on Nonviolent Social Change (Berkeley: Parallax, 1993).

__________. For a Future to Be Possible: Commentaries on the Five Wonderful Precepts (Berkeley: Parallax, 1993).

__________. Thundering Silence: Sutra on Knowing the Better Way to Catch a Snake (Berkeley: Parallax, 1993).

__________ & Friends. A Joyful Path: Community, Transformation & Peace (Berkeley: Parallax, 1994).

__________. Living Buddha, Living Christ (NY: Riverhead, 1995).

__________. Cultivating the Mind of Love: The Practice of Looking Deeply in the Mahayana Buddhist Tradition (Berkeley: Parallax, 1996).

__________. Breathe! You are Alive: The Sutra on the Full Awareness of Breathing (Berkeley: Parallax. 1996).

__________. The Long Road Turns to Joy: A Guide to Walking Meditation (Berkeley: Parallax, 1996).

__________. Being Peace [1987] (ed. Arnold Kotler; Berkeley: Parallax, 1996).

__________. Stepping Into Freedom: An Introduction to Buddhist Monastic Training (Berkeley: Parallax, 1997).

__________. Teachings on Love (Berkeley: Parallax, 1997).

__________. Fragrant Palm Leaves: Journals, 1962-1966 (Berkeley: Parallax, 1998).

__________. Interbeing: Fourteen Guidelines for Engaged Buddhism [1987] (3rd rev. ed.; Berkeley: Parallax, 1998).

__________. Going Home: Jesus & Buddha as Brothers (NY: Riverhead, 1999).

__________. The Heart of the Buddha's Teaching: Transforming Suffering into Peace, Joy & Liberation. The Four Noble Truths, the Noble Eightfold Path, & Other Basic Buddhist Teachings (NY: Broadway, 1999).

__________. The Path of Emancipation: Talks from a 21-Day Mindfulness Retreat (Berkeley CA: Parallax, 2000).

__________. Anger: Wisdom for Cooling the Flames (NY: Riverhead, 2001).

__________. Master Tang Hoi: First Zen Teacher in Vietnam & China (Berkeley: Parallax, 2001).

In the Library: Fiction

Hanh, Thich Nhat. The Pine Gate: Stories (Fredonia NY: White Pine, 1988).

__________. A Taste of Earth, & Other Legends of Vietnam (Berkeley: Parallax, 1993).

__________. The Stone Boy & Other Stories (Berkeley: Parallax, 1996).

__________. Transformation at the Base: Fifty Verses on the Nature of Consciousness (Berkeley: Parallaxz, 2001).

In the Library: Poetry

Hanh, Thich Nhat. The Viet Nam (Santa Barbara: Unicorn, 1967).

__________. The Cry of Vietnam: Poetry (Santa Barbara CA: Unicorn, 1968).

__________. Zen Poems (Greensboro NC: Unicorn, 1976).

__________. Present Moment, Wonderful Moment: Mindfulness Verses for Daily Living (Berkeley: Parallax, 1990).

__________. Call Me By My True Names: The Collected Poems of Thich Nhat Hanh (Berkeley: Parallax, 1993).

In the Library: Photography

CD & Audio:

Film & Video:

"The Awakening Bell: A Documentary about the Work of Thich Nhat Hanh & Cao Ngoc Phuong" [1987], dir. Gillian Coote, 50m. From Parallax Press.

"A Guide to Walking Meditation" [1987], dir. Karil Daniels, 30m. From Parallax Press.

"Peaceful Steps to the East: Thich Nhat Hanh in Russia & Eastern Europe" [1993], dir. ?, ?m. From Parallax Press.

"Peace is Every Step" [1997], dir. Gaetano Kazuo Maida, 52m. From Mystic Fire Video.

"Touching Peace" [1993], dir. ?, ?m. From Legacy Media.

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