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Upton Sinclair

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Upton Sinclair, Brief Biography

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Upton Sinclair & the EPIC Plan

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In the Library: Articles

Larsen, Charles E. "The EPIC campaign of 1934," Pacific Historical Review 27 (5/58):127-48.

Leader, Leonard. "Upton Sinclair's EPIC switch: a dilemma for American Socialists," Southern CA Quarterly 62 (win 80):361-85.

Mitchell, Greg. “The have-nots: Upton Sinclair’s EPIC campaign,” Nation (8/4-1/84):75-76. Sinclair forms End Poverty League & runs for Governor in 1934.

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Mitchell, Greg. “The have-nots: Upton Sinclair’s EPIC campaign,” Nation (8/4-1/84):75-76. Sinclair forms the End Poverty League and runs for governor of California.

In the Library: Non-Fiction Books

Albrecht, Alfred James. A Rhetorical Study of Upton Sinclair's 1934 Campaign for Governor of California (unpub. PhD; U. Indiana, 1966).

Blinderman, Abraham. Critics on Upton Sinclair: Readings in Literary Criticism (Coral Gables FL: U. Miami, 1975).

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__________ (ed.) Upton Sinclair: Literature & Social Reform (NY: P. Lang, 1990).

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Scott, Ivan. Upton Sinclair, the Forgotten Socialist (Lewiston NY: Edwin Mellen, 1997).

Sinclair, Upton (ed.) The Cry for Justice: An Anthology of the Literature of Social Protest (Philadelphia: John C. Winston, 1915). Influential at the time; fascinating & often "relevant" reading still today.

__________. The Brass Check: A Study of American Journalism [1917] (Salem NH: Ayer, 1993).

__________. The Profits of Religion: An Essay in Economic Interpretation [1918] (Amherst NY: Prometheus, 2000).

__________. The Crimes of the "Times": A Test of Newspaper Decency (Pasadena CA: Sinclair, 1921).

__________. The Goose-Step: A Study of American Education (Pasadena CA: Sinclair, 1923).

__________. American Outpost: A Book of Reminiscences (NY: Farrar & Rinehart, 1932).

__________. The EPIC Plan for California (NY: Farrrar & Rinehart, 1934).

__________. I, Candidate for Governor, & How I Ended Poverty: A True Story of the Future (Los Angeles: Upton Sinclair, 1933).

__________. The Way Out: What Lies Ahead for America (NY: Farrar & Rinehart, 1933).

__________. The Lie Factory Starts (Los Angeles: End Poverty League, 1934).

__________. Upton Sinclair's Last Willl & Testament (Los Angeles: End Poverty League, 1934).

__________. I, Candidate for Governor, & How I Got Licked [1935] (Berkeley: U. California, 1994).

__________. We, People of America, & How We Ended Poverty: A True Story of the Future (Pasadena CA: National EPIC League, 1937).

__________. My Lifetime in Letters (Columbia: U. Missouri, 1960).

__________. Autobiography (NY: Harcourt, Brace & World, 1962).

Yoder, John A. Upton Sinclair (NY: Ungar, 1975).

In the Library: Fiction

Sinclair, Upton. 100%: The Story of a Patriot: A New Novel (Pasadena CA: Upton Sinclair, 1920).

__________. The Jungle [1905] (Philadelphia: Chelsea House, 2002). Immigrant Chicago meat packing-house workers.

__________. King Coal: A Novel (NY: Macmillan, 1917).

__________. Boston: A Documentary Novel of the Sacco-Vanzetti Case [1928] (Cambridge MA: R. Bentley, 1978).

__________. Dragon's Teeth [1942] (NY: New American Library, 1968). Rise of Nazism.

__________. The Coal War: A Sequel to "King Coal" (Boulder: Colorado Associated University, 1976). On Colorado coal strike of 1913-14.

In the Library: Poetry

In the Library: Photography

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"We Have a Plan" [1993], by Blackside Inc., 60m. From PBS Video.

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