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Arthur Waskow

(see also Jewish American History, Life & Values)

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Waskow, Arthur. "Notes from 1999," Working Papers for a New Society 1,1 (1973):62-74.

In the Library: Non-Fiction Books

Elon, Ari; Naomi Mara Hyman & Arthur Waskow (eds.) Trees, Earth & Torah: A Tu b'Shavat Anthology (Philadelphia: Jewish Publication Society, 1999).

Rodberg, Leonard & Arthur Waskow. The Community Energy Care-ing Handbook: An Activist's Guide for Energizing your Community Towards Conservation & Renewable Energy (Washington: Public Resource Center, 1980).

Waskow, Arthur. America in Hiding (NY: Ballantine, 1962). On the proliferation of nuclear bomb shelters.

__________. Unintended War: A Study & Commentary (Philadelphia: American Friends' Service Committee, 1962).

__________. The Limits of Defense (NY: Doubleday, 1962).

__________. The Worried Man's Guide to World Peace: A Peace Research Institute Handbook (NY: Anchor, 1963).

__________. Keeping the World Disarmed (Santa Barbara: Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions, 1965).

__________ (ed.) The Debate over Thermonuclear Strategy (Boston: Heath, 1965).

__________. Toward a Peacemakers Academy: Proposal for a First Step Towards a UN Transnational Peacemaking Force (The Hague: W. Junk, 1967).

__________. From Race Riot to Sit-In, 1919 & the 1960s: A Study in the Connections Between Conflict & Violence (NY: Doubleday, 1966).

__________. The Freedom Seder: A New Haggadah for Passover (NY: Holt, Rinehart & Winston, 1970).

__________. Running Riot: A Journey Through the Official Disasters & Creative Disorder in American Society (NY: Herder & Herder, 1970).

__________. The Bush is Burning!: Radical Judaism Faces the Pharaohs of the Modern Superstate (NY: Macmillan, 1971).

__________. Godwrestling (NY: Schocken, 1978).

__________. Seasons of Our Joy: A Handbook of Jewish Festivals (NY: Bantam, 1982).

__________. These Holy Sparks: the Rebirth of the Jewish People (San Francisco: Harper & Row, 1983).

__________ (ed.) Torah of the Earth: Exploring 4,000 Years of Ecology in Jewish Thought (Woodstock VT: Jewish Lights, 2000).

Waskow, Howard & Arthur Waskow. Becoming Brothers (NY: Free Press, 1993).

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Waskow, Arthur; David Waskow & Shoshana Waskow. Before Their Was a Before (NY: Adama, 1984). On the Jewish idea of creation.

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