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William Appleman Williams

(see also American Empire)

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Meeropol, Michael. review essay on Williams' The Roots of Modern American Empire, Radical America (8/70):29-53.

__________. "William Appleman Williams: public historian," Monthly Review (6/96):49-55. Review essay on Buhle & Rice-Maximin, W. A. Williams.

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Buhle, Paul M. & Edward Rice-Maximin. William Appleman Williams, The Tragedy of Empire (NY: Routledge, 1995).

Williams, William Appleman. American-Russian Relations, 1781-1947 [1952] (NY: Octagon, 1971).

__________ (ed.) The Shaping of American Diplomacy: Readings & Documents in American Foreign Relations, 1790-1955 [1956] (Chicago: Rand McNally, 1970).

__________. America & the Middle East: Open Door Imperialism or Enlightened Leadership? (NY: Rinehart, 1958).

__________. The Tragedy of American Diplomacy [1959 ] (NY: Norton, 1991).

__________. The US, Cuba & Castro: An Essay on the Dynamics of Revolution & the Dissolution of Empire (NY: Monthly Review, 1962).

__________. The Great Evasion: An Essay on the Contemporary Relevance of Karl Marx, & on the Wisdom of Admitting the Heretic into the Dialogue about America's Future (Chicago: Quadrangle, 1964).

__________. The Contours of American History (NY: Quadrangle, 1966).

__________. The Roots of the Modern American Empire: A Study of the Growth & Shaping of Social Consciousness in a Marketplace Society (NY: Random House, 1969).

__________. From Colony to Empire: Essays in the History of American Foreign Relations (NY: J. Wiley, 1972).

__________. America Confronts a Revolutionary World, 1776-1976 (NY: Morrow, 1976).

__________. Americans in a Changing World: A History of the US in the 20th C. (NY: Harper & Row, 1978).

__________. Empire as a Way of Life: An Essay on the Causes & Character of America's Present Predicament, Along with a Few Thoughts about an Alternative (NY: Oxford, 1980).

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