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Finnish-American History, Life & Values

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On the Web: Articles

Ethnic Symbols: Their Role in Maintaining & Constructing Finnish American Culture. Chris Susag, Siirtolaisuus-Migration (4/98).

Finns in America, Patricia Latimer (1939).

On the Web: Specialized Sites

European Research Center on Migration & Ethnic Relations.

Finland & Finnish American Web Resources & Information.

In the Library: Articles

In the Library: Non-Fiction Books

Ahola, David John. Finnish-Americans & International Communism: A Study of Finnish-American Communism from Bolshevization to the Demise of the Third International (Washington: U. Press of America, 1981).

Kivisto, Peter. Immigrant Socialists in the US: the Case of Finns & the Left (Rutherford NJ: Fairleigh Dickinson U, 1984).

Ross, Carl & K. Marianne Wargelin Brown (eds.) Women Who Dared: The History of Finnish American Women (St. Paul: U. Minnesota Immigration History Research Center, 1986).

Sevander, Mayme. Red Exodus: Finnish-American Emigration to Russia (Duluth: OSCAT, 1993).

In the Library: Fiction

Lindstrom, Varpu & Borje Vahamaki (eds.) Connecting Souls: Finnish Voices in North America. An Anthology of Finnish American & Finnish Canadian Writings (Beaverton ONT: Aspasia, 2000).

Nunnally, Tiina. Maija: A Novel (Seattle: Fjord, 1995).

Jarvenpa, Aili & Michael G. Karni (eds.) Sampo, the Magic Mill: A Collection of Finnish-American Writing (Minneapolis: New Rivers, 1989).

Winston, Robert Alexander. Aces Wild (NY: Holiday House, 1992).

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