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Greek American History, Life & Values

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American Hellenic History.

European Research Center on Migration & Ethnic Relations.

Greek-American Folklore Society.

Greek American Review.

Greek American Women's Network.

Hellenic Public Radio.

Immigration History Research Center (U. of Minnesota).

Preservation of American Hellenic History.

In the Library: Articles

In the Library: Non-Fiction Books

Antoniou, Mary. Welfare Activities Among the Greek People in Los Angeles (Saratoga CA: R&E Research, 1939).

Burgess, Thomas. The Greeks in America [1913] (NY: Arno, 1970).

Callinicos, Constance. American Aphrodite : Becoming Female in Greek America (NY : Pella, 1990).

Collins, Donna Misner. Ethnic Identification: The Greek Americans of Houston, Texas (NY: AMS, 1991).

Constant, Constance M. Austin Lunch: Greek-American Recollections (NY, 2005).

Dukakis, Olympia. Ask Me Again Tomorrow: A Life in Progress (NY, 2003).

Frantzis, George Th. Strangers at Ithaca: The Story of the Spongers of Tarpon Springs (St. Petersburg FL: Great Outdoors, 1962).

Gage, Nicholas. A Place for Us (Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 1989).

Georgas, Demetra. Greek Settlement of the San Francisco Bay Area (San Francisco: R&E Research, 1974).

Georges, Robert A. Greek American Folk Beliefs & Narratives [1964] (NY: Arno, 1980).

Halo, Thea. Not Even In My Name: From a Death March in Turkey to a New Home in America. A Young Girl's True Story of Genocide & Survival (NY: Picador, 2000).

Kilgo, Doris. Tarpon Springs (?, 2002).

Kitroeff, Alexander. Griegos en América (Madrid: MAPFRE, 1992).

Kopan, Andrew T. Education & Greek Immigrants in Chicago, 1892-1973: A Study in Ethnic Survival (NY: Garland, 1990).

Kourvetaris, George A. First & Second Generation Greeks in Chicago: An Inquiry into their Stratification & Mobility Patterns (Athens: National Centre of Social Research, 1971).

Laliotou, Ioanna. Transatlantic Subjects: Acts of Migration & Cultures of Transnationalism between Greece & America (Chicago: U. of Chicago, 2004).

Mazacoufa, Demetrius. The Story of the Greeks in America (Atlanta: Argonne, 1977).

Monos, Dimitris. The Greek Americans (NY: Chelsea House, 1996).

Panagopoulos, Epaminondas P. New Smyrna: An 18th-C. Greek Odyssey (Gainesville FL: U. of Florida, 1966).

Papanikolas, Helen Zeese. Toil & Rage in a New Land: The Greek Immigrants in Utah (Salt Lake City: Utah State Historical Society, 1974).

__________. Emily-George (Salt Lake City: U. of Utah, 1987). Story of author's immigrant parents.

Peterson, Peter G. The Education of an American Dreamer: How a Son of Greek Immigrants Learned His Way from a Nebraska Diner to Washington, Wall Street & Beyond (?: Twelve, 2009).

Petrakis, Stelmark: A Family Recollection (NY: McKay, 1970).

Saloutos, Theodore. They Remember America: The Story of the Repatriated Greek-Americans (Berkeley: U. of California, 1956).

__________. The Greeks in America: A Student's Guide to Local History (NY: Teacher's College, 1967).

Scourby, Alice. Third Generation Greek Americans: A Study of Religious Attitudes (NY: Arno, 1980).

Spyropoulos, Spyridon M. A California Rose: The Story of a Greek-American Family (NY: Exposition, 1963).

Stephanides, Marios. The Greeks in Detroit: Authoritarianism. A Critical Analysis of Greek Culture, Personality, Attitudes & Behavior (San Francisco: R&E Research, 1975).

Xenides, J.P. The Greeks in America [1922] (NY: G.H. Doran, 1972).

In the Library: Fiction

Copadis, Iphigenia G. The Stamp of Fate (NY: Vantage, 1962).

Davidson, Catherine Temma. The Priest Fainted: A Novel (NY: Henry Holt, 1998).

Eugenides, Jeffrey. Middlesex (NY: Farrar, Strauss & Giroux, 2002).

Papanikolas, Helen. Small Bird, Tell Me: Stories of Greek Immigrants in Utah (Athens: Ohio U., 1993).

__________. The Time of the Little Black Bird (Athens: Ohio U., 1999).

Petrakis, Harry Mark. The Waves of Night & Other Stories (NY: McKay, 1969).

__________. A Petrakis Reader (NY: Doubleday, 1978).

__________. Collected Stories (Chicago: Lakeview, 1987).

__________. Ghost of the Sun: A Novel (NY: St. Martin's, 1990).

In the Library: For Young Readers

Greene, Meg. The Greek Americans (2003).

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CD & Audio

Film & Video

"Cora Unashamed" [2000], dir. Deborah M. Pratt, 120m. Moving drama of the single Black family surviving poverty & racism in a small Iowa town before & during the Depression, based on a Langston Hughes story. Includes a vivid portrayal of the town's attitude toward Greek immigrants as well.

"Descendents of a Golden Age" [1990], dir. Michael Minock, 28m. From Greek Orthodox Telecommunications.

"The Greek Americans" [1998], dir. George Veras, 90m. Documentary.

"The Greek Americans II: Passing the Torch" [1999], dir. George Veras, 90m. Documentary.

"My Big Fat Greek Wedding" [2002], dir. Joel Zwick, 95m. In video stores.

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