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Lakota History, Life & Values

(see also Native American History, Life & Values, Native American Ethnocide & Native American Movements)

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Allies of the Lakota.

Bureau of Indian Affairs.

Lakota Culture & Spirituality.

Lakota Dakota Home Page.

Lakota Journal.

Oglala Lakota College.

Pine Ridge Reservation.

Rosebud Reservation.

Time to Shine.

In the Library: Articles

DeMaillie, Raymond J. "Sioux ethnohistory: a methodological critique," Journal of Ethnic Studies 4 (1976).

__________. "The Lakota Ghosta Dance: an ethnohistorical account," in D. Hackett (ed.) Religion & American Culture (NY, 1995).

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In the Library: Non-Fiction Books

Ambrose, Stephen. Crazy Horse & Custer: The Parallel Lives of Two American Warriors (NY: Doubleday, 1996).

Anderson, Gary Clayton. Kinsmen of Another Kind: Dakota-White Relations in the Upper Mississippi Valley, 1650-1862 (Lincoln: U. of Nebraska, 1984).

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Feraca, Stephen E. Wakinyan: Lakota Religion in the 20th C. (Lincoln: U. of Nebraska, 1998).

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In the Library: Fiction

Niehardt, John G. When the Tree Flowered: A Fictional Autobiography of Eagle Voice, a Sioux Indian [1951] (Lincoln: U. of Nebraska, 1970).

In the Library: For Young Readers

Bruchac, Joseph. Crazy Horse's Vision (NY: Lee & Low, 2000).

Freedman, Russell. The Life & Death of Crazy Horse (NY: Holiday House, 1996).

In the Library: Poetry

In the Library: Drama

In the Library: Photography

CD & Audio

"Deadwood, South Dakota," by Eric Taylor. Nanci Griffith, One Fair Summer Evening, MCA Records MCAD-42255.

Film & Video

"Dances with Wolves" [1990], dir. Kevin Costner, 183m. In video stores.

"The Ghost Riders" [200?], dir. V. Blackhawk Aamodt, 60m. Young Lakotas & the annual Bigfoot Memorial Ride commemorating 1890 massacre of Chief Bigfoot & followers at Wounded Knee.

"Incident at Oglala" [1992], dir. Michael Apted, 90m. From Live Home Video.

"The Lakota: One Nation on the Plains" [1978], dir. Frank Cantor, 29m.

"Lakota Woman: Siege at Wounded Knee" [1994], dir. Frank Pierson, 100m. Mary Crow Dog & AIM protests of 60s, down to confrontation with FBI at Wounded Knee.

"Reservation War Parties" [200?], dir. Angelique Midthunder, 13m. Violence among children provoked by alcoholism.

"Skins" [2002], dir. Chris Eyre, 84m.

"The Spirit of Crazy Horse" [1990], by Parallax Productions & Access Productions with WGBH, 58m. From PBS. A century of Lakota struggle for land & culture.

"A Tattoo on My Heart: The Warriors of Wounded Knee 1973" [?], dir. Charles Abourezk & Brett Lawlor, 59m.

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