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In the Library: Non-Fiction Books

Anderson, Philip J. & Dag Blanck (eds) Swedish-American Life in Chicago . Cultural & Urban Aspects of an Immigrant People, 1850-1930 (Urbana: U. of Illinois, 1992).

__________ & Dag Blanck (eds) Swedes in the Twin Cities. Immigrant Life & Minnesota 's Urban Fontier (St. Paul: Minnesota Historical Society, 2001).

Barton, H. Arnold. A Folk Divided. Homeland Swedes & Swedish Americans, 1840-1940 (Carbondale: Southern Illinois U., 1994).

Bengston, Henry. On the Left in America: Memoirs of the Scandinavian-American Labor Movement (trans. Kermit Westerberg; Carbondale: Southern Illinois U., 1999).

Hasselmo, Nils. Swedish America: An Introduction (New York: Swedish Information Service, 1976).

Holli, Melvin g. & Peter d'A. Jones (eds.) The Ethnic Frontier: Group Survival in Chicago & the Midwest (Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 1977).

Moberg, Vilhelm. The Unknown Swedes: A Book about wedes & America, Past & Present (trans. Roger McNightL Carbondale IL: Southern Illinois U.,

Nelson, Helge. The Swedes & the Swedish Settlements in North America (2 vols.; Lund: Lund U., 1943).

Nordahl, Per. Weaving the Ethnic Fabric: Social Networks among Swedish-American Radicals in Chicago, 1890-1940 (Stockholm:Almqvist & Wiksell, 1994).

Norman, Hans & Harald Runblom, Transatlantic Connections: Nordic Migration to the New World after 1800 (Oslo: Norwegian U., 1988).

Vassberg, David E. Stockholm on the Rio Grande: A Swedish Farming Colony on the Mesquite Frontier of Southernmost Texas (1912-1985) (Lanham MD: University Press, 2003)

In the Library: Fiction

Larsen, Nella & Thadious M. Davis (ed). Quicksand (NY: Penguin, 2002).

Leffland, Ella. Breath & Shadows (NY: William Morrow & Co, 1999).

Moberg, Vilhelm. The Emigrants: A Novel (trans. Gustav Lannestock; NY: Simon & Schuster, 1951).

__________. Unto a Good Land: A Novel (trans. Gustav Lannestock; NY: Simon & Schuster, 1954).

__________. The Last Letter Home (trans. Gustav Lannestock; St. Paul: Minnesota Historical Society, 1995).

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Film & Video

"The Emigrants" [1971], dir. Jan Troell, 151m.

"The New Land" [1972], dir. Jan Troell, 204m.

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