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Chicago Reader. Alternative paper.

Chicago Tribune. Daily.

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In the Library: Non-Fiction Books

Allswang, John M. A House for All Peoples: Ethnic Politics in Chicago, 1890-1936 (Lexington: U. of Kentucky, 1971).

Biles, Roger. Big City Boss in Depression & War: Mayor Edward J. Kelly of Chicago (DeKalb IL: Northern Illinois U., 1984).

__________. Richard J. Daley: Politics, Race, & the Governing of Chicago (DeKalb: Northern Illinois U., 1995).

Bush, Rod (ed.) The New Black Vote: Politics & Power in Four American Cities (San Francisco: Synthesis, 1984). Oakland, Detroit, Chicago & Boston.

Cohen, Adam & Elizabeth Taylor. American Pharaoh: Mayor Richard J. Daley, His Battle for Chicago & the Nation (Boston: Little, Brown, 2000).

Danzer, Gerald. & Lawrence W. McBride, with Arthur E. Anderson & David Ruchman. People, Space & Time: The Chicago Neighborhood History Project, An Introduction to Community History for Schools (Lanham MD: University Press of America, 1986).

Flanagan, Maureen A. Seeing with Their Hearts: Chicago Women & the Vision of the Good City, 1871-1933 (Princeton NJ: Princeton U., 2002).

Getis, Victoria. The Juvenile Court & the Progressives (Urbana: U. of Illinois, 2001).

Gove, Samuel K. & Louis H. Masotti (eds.) After Daley: Chicago Politics in Transition (Urbana: U. of Illinois, 1982).

Granger, Bill & Lori Granger. Lords of the Last Machine: The Story of Politics in Chicago (NY: Random House, 1987).

Grimshaw, William J. Bitter Fruit: Black Politics & the Chicago Machine, 1931-1991 (Chicago: U. of Chicago, 1992).

Hogan, David John. Class & Reform: School & Society in Chicago, 1880-1930 (Philadelphia: U. of Pennsylvania, 1985).

Holli, Melvin G. & Paul M. Green. Bashing Chicago Traditions: Harold M. Washington's Last Campaign, Chicago 1987 (Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 1989).

Kantowicz, Edward R. Polish-American Politics in Chicago,1888-1940 (Chicago: U. of Chicago, 1975).

Keating, Ann Durkin. Building Chicago: Suburban Developers & the Creation of a Divided Metropolis (Urbana: U. of Illinois, 2002).

Kilian, Michael; Connie Fletcher & F. Richard Ciccione. Who Runs Chicago? (NY: St. Martin's,1979).

Klepner, Paul. Chicago Divided: The Making of a Black Mayor (DeKalb: Northern Illinois U., 1985).

Lindberg, Richard C. To Serve & Collect: Chicago Politics & Police Corruption from the Lager Beer Riot to the Summerdale Scandal (NY: Praeger, 1991).

Morton, Richard Allen. Justice & Humanity: Edward F. Dunne, Illinois Progressive (Carbondale: Southern Illinois U., 1997).

O'Connor, Len. Requiem: The Decline & Demise of Mayor Daley & His Era (Chicago: Contemporary, 1977).

Rakove, Milton L. We Don't Want Nobody Nobody Sent: An Oral History of the Daley Years (Bloomington: Indiana U., 1979).

Ramos-Zayas, Ana Y. National Performances: The Politics of Class, Race & Space in Puerto Rican Chicago (Chicago: U. of Chicago, 2003).

Rivlin, Gary. Fire on the Prairie: Chicago's Harold Washington & the Politics of Race (NY: Henry Holt, 1992).

Royko, Mike. Boss: Richard J. Daley of Chicago [1971] (NY: Plume, 1988).

__________. One More Time: The Best of Mike Royko (Chicago: U. of Chicago, 1999).

Simpson, Dick. Rogues, Rebels & Rubber Stamps: The Politics of the Chicago City Council from 1863 to the Present (Boulder: Westview, 2001).

Terkel, Studs. Division Street: America (NY: Avon, 1968).

__________. Talking to Myself: A Memoir of My Times (NY: Pantheon, 1977).

__________. Chicago (NY: Pantheon, 1986).

Travis, Dempsey. An Autobiography of Black Politics (Chicago: Urban Research Institute, 1987).

Wendt, Lloyd. Lords of the Levee: The Story of Bathhouse John & Hinky Dink (Indianapolis: Bobbs-Merrill, 1943).

Wirth, Louis. The Ghetto (Chicago: U. of Chicago, 1928). Jewish Chicago.

In the Library: Fiction

Algren, Nelson. The Man With the Golden Arm (

Larson, Erik. The Devil in the White City (NY: Vintage, 2004). An architect & a serial killer linked by 1893 World's Fair.

Paretsky, Sarah. Ghost Country (NY: Delacorte, 1998).

Sinclair, Upton. The Jungle (

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CD & Audio

Film & Video

"Daughters of Chicago: Growing Up Arab & Female in Chicago" [1996], dir. ?, 30m. From Arab Film Distribution.

"Eight Men Out" [1988], dir. John Sayles, 105m. In video stores. Game-throwing White Sox scandal of 1919.

"Hoop Dreams" [1994], dir. Steve James, 170m. Basketball & the hopes of young Black men.

"The Man with the Golden Arm" [1955], dir. Otto Preminger, 121m. In video stores. Stark portrayal of sufferings of a heroin addict.

"Medium Cool" [1969], dir. Haskell Wexler, 110m. Chicago Democratic Convention of 1968.

"Primal Fear" [1996], dir. Gregory Hoblit, 130m. In video stores.

"Steal This Movie" [2000], dir. Robert Greenwald, 107m. In video stores. Rise & fall of Abbie Hoffman, including protests & trial resulting from Democratic Convention of 1968.

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