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Dallas, Texas

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Enstam, Elizabeth York. Women & the Creation of Urban Life: Dallas, Texas, 1843-1920 (College Station: Texas A&M, 1998).

Fairbanks, Robert B. For the City as a Whole: Planning, Politics & the Public Interest in Dallas, Texas, 1900-1965 (Columbus: Ohio State U., 1998).

Hanson, Royce. Civic Culture & Urban Change: Governing Dallas (Detroit: Wayne State U., 2003).

Hill, Patricia Evridge. Dallas: The Making of a Modern City (Austin: U. of Texas, 1996).

McElheny, Jacqueline Masur. Pauline Periwinkle & Progressive Reform in Dallas (College Station: Texas A&M, 1998).

Melosi, Martin V. Dallas-Fort Worth: Politics, Economy & Demography since World War II (Monticello IL: Vance Bibliographies, 1982).

Morgan, Ruth P. Governance by Decree: The Impact of the Voting Rights Act in Dallas (Lawrence: U. of Kansas, 2004).

Schultze, Jim. The Accommodation: The Politics of Race in an American City (Secaucus NJ: Citadel, 1986).

Shupe, Anson & Wiliam A. Stacey. Born Again Politics & the Moral Majority: What Social Surveys Really Show (NY: Edwin Mellen, 1982).

Thometz, Carol. The Decision-Makers: The Power Structure of Dallas (Dallas: Souther Methodist U., 1963).

Vela Guevara, Luis. Dallas in Transition: The Politics of Latinos & African Americans in the 1990s (Claremont CA: Tomás Rivera Institute, 1996).

In the Library: Fiction

Brite, Poppy Z. Prime: A Novel (NY: Three Rivers, 2005).

Brown, Parry "Ebonysatin". The Shirt Off His Back: A Novel (NY: Villard/Strivers Row, 2001).

Ellroy, James. The Cold Six Thousand: A Novel (NY: Knopf, 2001).

McGlothin, Victor. What's a Woman to Do? (NY: St. Martin's, 2003).

Odom, Mel. Stalker Analog (NY: Penguin, 1993).

Ray, Francis. I Know Who Holds Tomorrow (NY: St. Martin's Griffin, 2001).

Terry, Marshall. Dallas Stories (Dallas: Southern Methodist U., 1987).

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