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George Lakoff

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On the Web: Articles

The Framing Wars. Matt Bai, NY Times Magazine (7/17/05).

What's In a Word? AlterNet (2/18/04). Debate over same-sex marriage is really about which values will dominate in society.

The Hidden State of the Union. AlterNet (1/27/04). Deciphering the President's code.

Framing the Issues: Lakoff Tells How Conservatives Use Language to Dominate Politics. Bonnie Azab Powell, UC Berkeley News (10/17/2003).

The Frame Around Arnold. AlterNet (10/13/03). How conservatives use framing to win elections.

Framing a Democratic Agenda. AlterNet (9/24/03).

Betrayal of Trust. AlterNet (9/15/03).

Left Out By Right Rhetoric. Sharon Basco, Tom Paine (5/8/03).

Metaphor & War Again. AlterNet (3/18/03).

Metaphor & War. Paper given during Gulf War (1/30/91).

On the Web: Specialized Sites

George Lakoff's Web Page.

Rockridge Institute.

In the Library: Articles

Lakoff, George. "Metaphor & war: a UC linguist looks at how the language of international conflict is obscuring the deadly realities of the war in the Gulf," Berkeley Express (2/22/91).

__________. "Metaphors of terror," In These Times (10/29/01):21-4.

In the Library: Non-Fiction Books

Lakoff, George. Women, Fire & Dangerous Things: What Categories Reveal About the Mind (Chicago: U. of Chicago, 1987).

__________ & Mark Turner. More than Cool Reason: A Field Guide to Poetic Metaphor (Chicago: U. of Chicago, 1989).

__________ & Mark Johnson. Philosophy in the Flesh: The Embodied Mind & its Challenge to Western Thought (NY: Basic, 1999).

__________ & Rafael E. Núñez. Where Mathematics Comes From: How the Embodied Mind Brings Mathematics into Being (NY: Basic Books, 2000).

__________. Moral Politics: How Liberals & Conservatives Think (Chicago: U. of Chicago, 2002).

__________. Don't Think of an Elephant: Know Your Values and Frame the Debate (White River Junction VT: Chelsea Green, 2004).

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