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Cuban Revolution Abroad

(see also Cuba: Revolution 1959-1990 &, Cuba: Revolution since 1990, Che Guevara, Cuba & the US)

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In the Library: Articles

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In the Library: Non-Fiction Books

Blasier, Cole & Carmelo Mesa Largo (eds.) Cuba in the World (Pittsburgh: U. Pittsburgh, 1981).

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Film & Video

"Los ojos como mi papá" [1979], dir. ?, 32m. From Cinema Guild. Interviews children aged 6-16, all of whom are living in Cuba as political exiles from different Latin American countries.

"Montaña de Luz" [2005], dir. Guillermo Centeno, 53m. Cuban doctors serving in Africa & Latin America.

"Salud!" [2006], dir. Connie Field, 93m. Documentary on Cuban health care system & work of Cuban doctors overseas.

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