Members’ Writings

Op-ed Articles

2004 Elections: Where to Go from Here?
David Sweet (11/10/04)

Public Talks

The Culture of Capital Punishment
George Lipsitz (2/3/04)

An Unjust War
Herb Schmidt (4/6/03)

Human Rights & the Political Reawakening of America
David Sweet (12/10/02)

Botox, the Naked Empire, & War on Iraq
Frank Bardacke (11/1/02)

Letters to Editors

A Personal View of War
Takashi Yogi, Santa Cruz Sentinel (2/2/03)

Killing Children for Oil
Jennifer Lagier, Monterey Herald (3/20/03)

Democratic Renewal
David Sweet, Santa Cruz Sentinel (12/04/02)

Proposed Santa Cruz Peace Park
Aileen Vance, Santa Cruz Sentinel (3/26/02)

No More Military Aid to Colombia
Fred Hirsch, Santa Cruz Sentinel (3/24/02)

Why Do They Hate Us?
David Sweet, National Catholic Reporter (11/?/01)

The Terrorist Attacks of 9/11/01
David Sweet, Santa Cruz Sentinel (9/16/01)

On the Execution of Timothy McVeigh
David Sweet, Santa Cruz Sentinel (5/16/01)

Monterey Bay Educators Against War
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