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Jesse Jackson Sr.

(see also Revitalizing Democracy & African American Movements)

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Jesse Jackson bio.

Jesse Jackson bio.

On the Web: Articles

Jesse Jackson: Man of Many Missions. BBC News (5/2/99).

On the Web: Specialized Sites

Rainbow/Push Coalition.

In the Library: Articles

Frye, Hardy. "Jesse Jackson & the Rainbow: conflict, the Democratic Party, & the Black community," Socialist Review 92 (1987):55-80.

Kopkind, Andrew. "Creating a democratic majority," Nation (12/26/88):l, 709-10.

Nichols, John. "Jesse Jackson [interview]," Progressive (1/95):28-32.

__________. "Over the rainbow," Progressive (12/96).

Pinderhughes, Howard. "The '84 Jackson campaign," Socialist Review 92 (3-4/87):129-35.

Sklar, Holly. "Rainbow future," Nation (1/30/89):113-114.

In the Library: Non-Fiction Books

Jackson, Jesse L. Straight from the Heart (ed. Roger D. Hatch & Frank E. Watkins) (Philadelphia: Fortress, 1987).

__________; Jesse L. Jackson, Jr. & Bruce Shapiro. Legal Lynching: The Death Penalty & America’s Future (NY: New Press, 2001).

Clemente, Frank & Frank Watkins (eds.) Keep Hope Alive: Jesse Jackson;s 1988 Presidential Campaign: A Collection of Major Speeches, Issue Papers, Photographs & Campaign Analysis (Boston: South End, 1989).

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In the Library: Poetry

In the Library: Photography

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