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Nicaragua & the US

(see also Nicaragua, Nicaragua: Sandinista Regime, Nicaragua: Atlantic Coast & Nicaragua since 1990)

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In the Library: Articles

Fitgerald, France. “Annals of justice: Iran-Contra,” New Yorker (8/16/89):52-84.

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In the Library: Non-Fiction Books

Bermann, Karl. Under the Big Stick: Nicaragua & the US since 1846 (Boston: South End, 1986).

Binns, Jack R. The U.S. in Honduras, 1980-1981. An Ambassador’s Memoir (Jefferson NC, 2000). How CIA deceived State Dept. about Contras; effort to overthrow Sandinistas was a "costly failure."

Burns, E. Bradford. At War in Nicaragua: The Reagan Doctrine & the Politics of Nostalgia (NY: Harper & Row, 1987).

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Sklar, Holly. Washington's War on Nicaragua (Boston: South End, 1988).

Walker, kThomas W. Nicaragua: Living in the Shadow of the Eagle (Boulder CO: Westview, 2003).

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"Target Nicaragua: Inside a Covert War" [1983], dir. Saul Landau, 42m. From Cinema Guild.

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